TikTok New Video Style: Long and Horizontal

TikTok New Video Style: Long and Horizontal

Introduction: A Change on TikTok

TikTok, the famous app for short, up-and-down videos, wants its users to try something new—videos that are long and wide. Normally, their videos are tall, but now they’re asking people to turn their phones sideways and make videos that are longer and look more like regular videos. This article talks about why TikTok is doing this, what it means for the people who make videos, and how they are changing.

Encouraging New Videos: What TikTok Says

Trying Something Different

TikTok is telling people who make videos to try making them in a new way. They want videos that are longer than usual and are wide instead of tall. Some people who make videos, like @candicedchap and @kenlyealtumbiz, got a message saying TikTok will show these new wide videos to more people if they make them. This is different because these app is known for short videos that go up and down, not long ones that go side to side.

Who Can Get a Boost?

Rewards for People Who’ve Been There a While

To get more people to see their new wide videos, people who make TikTok videos need to follow some rules. They need to have been making videos on these platform for more than three months, and their videos can’t be ads or about politics. They wants to reward people who’ve been making videos for a long time and show they appreciate their hard work.

Using TikTok: Up and Down or Side to Side

How We’re Used to Watching

Most of the time, when we watch videos on TikTok, we hold our phones up and down. That’s because videos are made to look best that way. Now, these platform wants us to turn our phones sideways to watch these new wide videos. It’s a new way to watch videos on these platform, and it might take some getting used to.

TikTok and YouTube: Making Changes

More and Longer Videos

TikTok is changing and becoming more like YouTube, another video app. First, these platform started letting people make longer videos, up to 15 minutes. Now they’re trying even longer videos, up to 30 minutes. YouTube is known for having videos that are longer, unlike TikTok, which has short videos. This shows TikTok wants to be more like YouTube and have different kinds of videos for people to watch.

Making Money: What It Means for TikTok

Longer Videos for More Money

Making longer videos can mean more money for people who make TikTok videos. Usually, longer videos make more money because there are more ads. They are trying to get people who make videos to make longer ones so they can make more money, like on YouTube. This could mean more interesting videos for us to watch.

For People Who Make Videos: Changing Styles

New Ways to Be Creative

Making videos that are long and wide might be hard at first for people who are used to making short ones. They need to tell stories differently and keep people interested for a longer time. But for people who like to make longer videos, this is a chance to try something new and show their creativity in a different way.

Conclusion: TikTok’s Big Change

Learning and Growing

TikTok is trying something new by asking people to make longer, wider videos. They want to be more like YouTube and have different kinds of videos for people to watch. It’s a big change for TikTok, and it shows they’re trying to learn and grow to make their app better for everyone who uses it.